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Gamify classroom engagement with Kahoot!

Level up engagement in your classroom with student-led game modes and premium ready-made content, save over 20% on Kahoot!+ Max now!

Use Kahoot! in your classroom to:

  • Engage your class with interactive lessons
  • Access ready-to-play learning content by subject and grade
  • Get instant feedback from every student in the class
  • Track learning progress over time for formative assessment
  • Foster creativity and teamwork to turn learners into leaders
  • Review challenging content with game modes


How does it work?

Create or select a kahoot

Make your own learning content in the Kahoot! Creator or choose from ready-to-play kahoots created by our Verified creators and content partners on our Discover page.

Get started

Host and play

Invite students to join on any device, in-person, virtually, or in a hybrid learning environment, at or in the Kahoot! app through a simple QR code or game pin.

Host a kahoot


As soon as the kahoot is done, you’ll be able to view a full report of your students’ responses and even identify difficult questions to reinforce learning and knowledge retention!

Get actionable insights from reports

Reinforce learning with Kahoot!

Practice makes progress for retention and long-term learning

Making sure that students are not only learning lesson content but really retaining it means repetition, repetition, repetition. Reinforce knowledge without it feeling repetitive and keep content fresh and fun throughout every lesson with Kahoot!.

Play our monthly challenge to learn some helpful tools that support reinforcement, review, and retention.

Not sure how to get started?

Check out our resources for reinforcing content with kahoots, and try out these tips and tricks for ensuring that your students have the opportunity to feel confident early on in the lesson:

Try our template
Try this template for introducing new topics to your class
Start creating

Watch and learn
Pick up some useful tips from K! EDU expert Sydney Jones
Watch video

What's new at Kahoot!?

Game modes

Practice makes progress with our new game modes where students answer randomly repeated questions to reinforce knowledge while working towards their mission!

Learn more

Student passes

Give your students access to award-winning learning apps and the Kahoot! creator where they can make their own kahoots to share with the class!

Learn more

Ready-to-use resources

Explore premium ready-to-use learning resources on all topics and for all ages on Kahoot!’s marketplace for your next lesson!

Learn more

Question types

Quiz - Add up to 6 answer alternatives for players to choose from

Promote accuracy and support knowledge retention with our classic quiz question type in any subject. Questions can contain up to 120 characters and points for each question can be set to either 0, 1000, or 2000 points. Depending on your subscription type, you can add up to 6 answer options and include image as answer options. This question type also supports Microsoft Azure’s text to speech service and supports 37 languages.

Try Quiz with this Selfie kahoot template

Slides - Create slides to introduce a topic, explain the right answer, or provide more context

Choose from our 10 different slide layouts or import slides from a PDF, PPT, Keynote or Google Drive to introduce new topics, provide additional context, or recap on the key points.

Learn how to incorporate slides in your kahoots with this template

Puzzle - Order answers in the correct order

In a puzzle, players need to place answer alternatives in the right order. It’s a great way to change dynamics in class, get students more focused and test deeper understanding, as accuracy is king here! After a round when competition got extra heated, puzzle works like a charm to regain concentration.

Try Puzzle with this template created by educator and Kahoot! ambassador Gina Ruffcorn

Type answer - Ask students to type a short answer

Use Type answer to eliminate the guesswork and test deeper knowledge. Learners are presented with an open-ended question and asked to type in a short answer (up to 20 characters). After all players have submitted their answer, the host can review and accept other submitted answers as correct so that they are awarded points.

Play a kahoot using Type answer created by Verified educator Teacher Hadis

Poll - Collect student feedback or do a quick pulse-check at any point during the class

Ensure every learner feel seen and heard with Polls! This question type is great for gathering opinions, quick pulse checks or collecting feedback. There’s no wrong answer in Polls, so the players won’t be awarded any points and the scoreboard will not show after a Poll question.

Use this check-in template to take the pulse of your students

Slider - Select the number on a slider

Level-up classroom discussion and reflection with slider question content! This question type is perfect for questions about values, years, and numbers. You can ask questions about the year of birth of an important person, solutions to simple equations, general knowledge, the price of a product, and many more!

Learn more about Slider by playing this kahoot

Word cloud - Collect short free-form poll responses that will be visualized as a word cloud

Visualize students’ opinions in a Word cloud! This open-ended question type prompts players and students to type-in an answer or response to a Kahoot! question type. As students submit responses, their answers populate a growing word cloud, text-tile display! If students are to share the same reply, that tile augments to reflect the additional replies. A bigger text-tile = more students have added this answer!

Word cloud is available with a Kahoot! EDU subscription.

Learn more about Word cloud by playing this kahoot

Drop pin - Gather opinions by asking players to drop pins on an image

Drop pin supports student learning by prompting players to mark and identify where they are learning, not just the what of learning!Players drop a pin on top of the image you select for the question. All the answers will be shown together on the big screen.

Get inspired while learning more about Drop pin by playing this kahoot

Brainstorm for schools - Collect, discuss, and vote on ideas

Decide the next class activity, vote on the preferred learning method or introduce a new topic with the Brainstorm question type. This question type makes it easy to collect ideas and suggestions from students, all ideas are welcome and there are no wrong answers!

Try out Brainstorm by playing this kahoot

Game modes: Player-paced challenges

Bringing new variety to Kahoot! gameplay with all-new game modes! 

Promote content correctness as students progress toward a mission, accumulating answers and points along the way.

The new Kahoot! Game Modes support classroom engagement through:

 Presenting information through a variety of media formats keeping content fresh! Students receive repeated exposure to concepts to reinforce skills and content.

 Embedding Brain Breaks as opportunities for students to refresh throughout learning and keep content delivery powerful and engaging. 

 Celebrate student progress with reporting tools that reward accuracy over speed and include Game Modes with player, team, or computer competitors.

See what students are saying about the new Game modes

Color Kingdoms

Color a kingdom with classroom content!

Format: Team vs. Team

Game goal: Grow your empire by answering questions correctly to win colored land tiles and take over the map! Gameplay finishes when the map is colored by one empire.

Learning goal: Facilitate knowledge retention and gameplay strategy, as players are tasked with question prompts for classroom content while strategizing how to cover territory and spread their kingdom.

Play Color kingdoms

Treasure Trove

Try for treasures and level up learning!

Format: Player vs. Player

Game goal: Hunt for treasure with correct answers! Players accumulate more points for each gem added to the trove. Gameplay ends when the time is up!

Learning goal: Randomize questions from a kahoot question set to unlock and engage with an arcade-like trial as treasures (and tricks!) fly across the screen. Players can admire their treasure as they fill an on-screen meter!

Play Treasure trove

Submarine Squad

Swim and score to safety!

Format: Player(s) vs. Computer

Game goal: Out swim a hungry fish in the deep ocean blue! With each question answered correctly, more fuel is added to the submarine speedometer until safety is reached.

Learning goal: Build your students’ confidence in their learning and achievement without a competitive edge! Each question presents a chance for players to build knowledge and confidence through a new (and urgent!) gameplay experience.

Play Submarine squad

Student passes: From players to creators

Students can create and host kahoot on topics they want to learn

Kahoot!’s new student passes are a one-way ticket to take students from players to creators! Empower your students to engage in active learning with the tools they need to create and host kahoots that demonstrate their learning to the whole class.

With student passes your class will have access to:

 The full functionality of the Kahoot! creator to make fun and engaging kahoots for their peers

 Award-winning learning apps from Poio and DragonBox to master everything from the basics of reading and numeracy to algebra, geometry, and even chess 

 Premium Kahoot! features including exclusive question types like brainstorm, type answer, and puzzles, plus creation tools to create advanced slide layouts with our premium image library

Ready-to-use resources on Kahoot! Marketplace

Access high-quality learning resources from a community of Verified creators and publishers to make learning awesome!

Celebrate love

Let’s celebrate love in all shapes and forms! From historical and literature romance, to scientific facts and trivia.

Black History

Strengthen your students’ knowledge of black history, including key information, historical figures and more.

Kahoot! EDU for schools and districts
Discussion set
Give each student a voice
  • Brainstorm answers
  • Open-ended questions
  • Word-cloud prompt questions
Student-led learning set
Empower student knowledge sharing
  • Student access to Kahoot! creator
  • Study modes for content review
  • Award-winning learning apps
  • Player ID for participation and attendance
Collaboration set
Collaborate across your school or district
  • Shared teacher workspace
  • Unlimited group size
Kahoot! EDU Pro for schools and districts
Premium content set
Supplement your curriculum
  • Premium ready-made content created by verified educators and publishing partners
Student expansion set
Expand the student experience
  • Up to 250 student passes
  • Up to 2000 players
  • Up to 10K players for asynchronous kahoots
Integration set
Integrate with existing tools
  • Data API
  • Google classroom API
  • SSO support
  • Multiple organizations
School spirit set
Boost school spirit with customization
  • Customizable themes to match school branding