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Engaging learning at every employee’s fingertips with Kahoot! 360 Engage


The employee learning mobile app to create and deliver engaging cohort-based training that your teams feel motivated to complete! Support asynchronous learning, boost knowledge retention, and foster collaboration today.


The app to cultivate a culture of learning at your organization

Engaging for learners

Inspire learning in the flow of work with engaging training experiences

  • Deliver bite-sized content with visually impactful and easy-to-consume content formats like story.
  • Empower learners with self-directed learning journeys and a personalized content library to boost knowledge retention.
  • Encourage collaboration by enabling asynchronous discussions amongst learners, and trainers.

Easier than ever for trainers

Develop impactful and efficient corporate learning programs

  • Build interactive learning experiences in minutes with a multi-media creation toolbox, including our unique story and kahoot content formats.
  • Boost completion rates by reaching learners with in-app notifications and reminders.
  • Identify knowledge gaps, track learner progress, and award certificates for completion.

Built for your training needs

Enterprise-ready services that fit into your learning ecosystem

  • Reflect your brand identity with a custom, consistent look across your app, kahoots, and courses.
  • Onboard every employee to your employee learning app seamlessly with SSO.
  • Auto-export your Kahoot! data using reports API with enterprise-level security.

Inspire learners with training they want to complete!