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  • 710.9 k Plays
  • 2.1 m players

Chocolate Trivia 🍫

Are you a true chocolatier of knowledge? Find out in this fun kahoot about chocolate!

Top picks

  • 10.3 k Plays
  • 44.4 k players

Full Callisto: Space Innovation Tour

Free and interactive virtual tour from Johnson Space Center showcasing special technology in NASA’s Artemis I mission. Students become virtual crew members to explore the technology aboard the Orion spacecraft and meet the engineers working to revolutionize deep space travel. Access the teacher toolkit at

  • 2.5 k Plays
  • 3.5k players

Witty Women Writers

Got some room in your TBR pile? Check out these women writers of different voices, genres, and experiences in this Kahoot from Rebel Girls.

  • 104.7 k Plays
  • 745.5 k players

NASA Artemis Trivia

Learn more about NASA’s latest mission to the Moon and beyond.

Kahoots for a great evening together

  • 838.7 k Plays
  • 4.2 m players

General Trivia

Hey, trivia master! Surprise your friends with this quiz. Who will hit this one out of the park?

  • 262.6 k Plays
  • 1.3 m players

Decade dance

So much good music was made over the decades! Do you know all of these top hits?

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Lights, camera, action!


Test your knowledge of movie soundtracks, iconic movie lines, and more with this collection of fun movie kahoots. 

Discover the world!


Take a trip around the world! In these series of kahoots, you will learn fun and fascinating facts about different countries!

Explore New York City


In this series of kahoots, students will learn the history of Peter Parker’s hometown: New York City! From the skyscrapers and architecture to the five boroughs of the city, web-swing through time with everyone’s favorite hometown hero. © MARVEL

Movie trivia


Do you consider yourself a movie buff? In this course you can test your knowledge of actors, movies, movie awards and more!

Flags, cities & countries

Can you name every country’s flag around the world? In this course you can test your knowledge on flags, cities and countries!

Learn a new language

  • 3.6 k Plays
  • 5.5 k players

Basic Mandarin Phrases

Learn these essential phrases in Mandarin to start communicating in the language.

  • 37.4 k Plays
  • 12.4 k players

Basic Spanish Phrases

Learn these 10 essential phrases in Spanish to start communicating in the language.

Just for kids!

  • 1.3 k Plays
  • 11.8 k players

The fun animal quiz for kids!

How much do you know about the animal kingdom? Take the quiz and read the slides to learn fun facts about each animal!

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